Coronado National Forest Web Site

The Santa Catalina Volunteer Patrol is an organization that works in association with the U.S. Forest Service in the Santa Catalina Ranger District within the Coronado National Forest

Our primary focus is the Sabino Canyon Recreation Area, the Santa Catalina Trails (Pusch Ridge) and nearby Mt. Lemmon, which receive over 1 million visitors each year from around the world.

Our objective, while patrolling trails, roads, and picnic areas, is to provide information and assistance to visitors; answering questions about trails, trailhead locations, safety, and Forest Service rules and regulations. As Forest Service volunteers we patrol in uniform, complementing the official presence of the Forest Service.

We currently have over 200 members Cerca Blog Viagra, from diverse backgrounds, who share a love for the unique and beautiful canyons and Sky Islands of the Coronado National Forest. 

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